Here’s everything I’ve been reading this month.

Dawnshard — Brandon Sanderson

Part of my journey through the Stormlight Archive, this novella sits between the third and fourth main entries. So before I could make a start on last year’s major fantasy release I had to get through this first.

Well, not had to. The novellas (there are two of them so far) are considered optional but if a reader is going to commit to multiple books that are all over 1,200 pages each, then they’re not going to think much to tag on a couple of novellas as well. At least I didn’t anyway.

The speed-running community has been playing OoT for over 2 decades now. (I’ll give a couple of minutes to get over the existential dread that has just been brought about in anyone over the age of 30)…

… We good? Cool.

Despite the challenges that came with old-school speed-running, such as the need to videotape your TV as proof, a community started to blossom. …

Let me know if this sounds familiar.

I used to read all the time as a kid, I’d get through books like nobody’s business. But these days I find it hard to find the time. I try to read when I go to bed but most days I’m just too tired.

It’s a fairly common statement. You don’t have the time you did as a kid or the passion of a teenager. There are lots of other things to occupy your time, like the big 3, Netflix, social media and gaming.

I was sad to realise it had happened to…

After spending nearly 15 hours in this world, with these characters, the final credits rolled, the song “What Will You Leave Behind” played and I… cried. And this wasn’t a normal “this piece of media is sad” crying, this was something else.

But I will come back to that.

Spritfarer has been labelled as a “cosy game about dying”. This is a game about death in a way that hasn’t quite been done before.

Yes, games, especially the cinematic ones, have killed characters before but this is typically done for a dramatic story beat or to wring out more raw…

We were more Nintendo kids growing up so my exposure to Final Fantasy didn’t happen properly until FF10. Since then I’ve had a go at the tent-pole releases (12, 13 and 15) and have a working knowledge of the popular ones. But going in to this FF7 demo, I basically knew nothing.

I knew there was a bit with a reactor at the start. I knew most main people in your party, their rough descriptions and that one of them dies. …

Congratulations to whoever made this tweet. You’ve made a take so bad a Twitter thread wasn’t enough to explain the myriad of ways you are wrong.

Unpopular opinion: therapists are for people who don’t have or are unable to establish a core group of honest friends so they’d rather pay for help dealing with their feelings. Friendship is give & take. Some people can’t give tho so they rather just pay to take.

They go on to add a couple of caveats but trust me the core idea of “you just need friends” doesn’t get amended. …

Does this sound familiar? You’re in a shop, maybe you’ve even gone to a specific stationary shop, then you see a notebook. It’s an object of beauty and you must have it. As you stroke your hand over the cover and inspect its blank pages (they must be the correct type after all) you imagine the possibilities.

I’m going to write most of my novel in this, you say to yourself. Or maybe, this is perfect for my article ideas or I’ve found my new journal!

You dream about a notebook filled to the brim with your handwriting. Perfectly neat…

The relationship between Catra and Adora is arguably the most important in She-Ra. The show begins by depicting their lives together in the Fright Zone, showing the ins and outs of their relationship. Catra might be cheeky and cocky but she also balls up at the end of Adora’s bed every night like a, um, cat, preferring to stay close to her best friend.

These girls have looked after each other for as long as either of them can remember. They’ve had each other's backs since they were kids, although it usually falls on Adora to look after Catra. …

It’s the Friday between Christmas and New Year and against better judgement I volunteered to come into work. “I’ll save my holidays,” I told myself. But now I’m here, sat (almost) on my own with nothing better to do but contemplate the loss of a family Christmas.

For the last 4 Christmas’s I’ve spent the big day with my now-fiance. The first time was a dream come true, we had moved into our first house together and it seemed a great excuse to skip the usual manic nature of Christmas Day and have it just be the two of us.

Working on a book is long stretches of being a lonely loner followed by a sudden realisation that, oh crap, now you have to work with actual, living people!

For the independent author there are a few choices when it comes to getting a book cover, including making something yourself in something like Canva. But if you can afford to save up the cash you can work with an illustrator or graphic designer.

I won’t go into the details of finding someone, partly because I already knew who I wanted and partly because that feels like a topic all of…

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Writer of the dystopian-fantasy novel The Darwin Solution, Social Media Exec, part-time streamer and LPer. #gaming #books #writing #tabletop

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